Hello, I'm Chris Twist

by Chris Twist

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Andre Can't get a good sandwich in Sydney for five bucks but you can get 14 of the dreamiest, noisiest, drippiest tunes ripped straight from a 1960s vinyl and digitised for your listening pleasure.

If I had to sum up this release it'd be a fresh pepperoni pizza in a box without those little white stander things that stop the box from sucking up the cheese, but it's alright because you've been up for 18 hours, and the inside of your shoes are wet from the rain, and you've ingested far more than your share of the spiked punch that your girlfriend made yesterday.
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beerhairnl He's got the keys alright. To a time machine!!!!!!! Favorite track: I Got The Keys.
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Chris Twist of the Lemons branches out on his own with 14 songs of wisdoms and wonders. Hello.


released May 19, 2017

Tunes by Chris Twist
Toons by G00N$
Released by Tripp Tapes



all rights reserved


Chris Twist Chicago, Illinois

slushyyy @gmail.com

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Track Name: Hello, I'm Chris Twist

I see you standing there bored like you don't know what to do
Standing there stiff like a statue at a zoo
Standing there stupid like you haven't got a clue
Come a little closer cuz I'm coming for you
My name is Chris Twist
You know that you can't resist
Chris Twist
When the music starts going I'm going like this
I twist

East, west, north, south
You know every buddy keeps on talking about
North, south, east, west
They're all doing the Chris Twist
Every buddy's doing the Chris Twist twist
Track Name: Following A Rainbow
(E D)

I was following a rainbow
Searching, searching for a pot of gold
Sapphire ruby emerald
None's as precious as the one I hold

Red orange yellow green and blue
Indigo and violet too
Ultraviolet, infrared
All the colors of my head
Track Name: A Garden Grows
(E A B7)

A garden grows 'neath a single yellow rose
That's where my love lies like a stone
A hidden field with its crop come up to yield
And I know some day I'll make it back home

I'm out here on the run, trying to make it fun
That's the way I gotta live
Doing all I can, living like a lamb
Taking all that I can give
Leaping day and night, trying to get it right
Cuz that's my prerogative
And I know some day I'll make it back home
Track Name: I Got The Keys
(G C Am)

You know I like it when you do what you wanna do
You'll see me smiling when I see you being true
So do what you wanna do

(G Am C)
I got the keys to the melodies that'll set you free, flying on the breeze
I got the keys to the melodies that'll set you free if you trust in me
Track Name: Boy Blue
(A G D A)

There's 50 ways to leave your lover and just one way to stay
So what you gonna do? Hey hey
There's 50 ways to blow my cover and just one game to play
So what are you gonna do? Hey hey

Boy Blue, tell me something true
What are you gonna do when the sun don't shine on you

The sun don't shine tonight
Track Name: One Foot
(F C)

Put one foot in front of the other
Take a little look a little look around
Put one foot in front of the other
Take a little look let me know what you found

I really hate to tell you but I hate to smell you
Track Name: Caravan
Track Name: Natural Man

Born a poor young country boy
I know the world like the back of my hand
City living it's such a joy
I want to be a natural man*

*Hook inspired by Kenny cooking meat in my kitchen
Track Name: The Joker
(G Em C D)

You call me the joker, but the joke's on you
Try to hide me away like there's nothing I can do
You call me the joker, but the joke's on you
I'm wild

There's nowhere in this land
I'd rather be than in your hand
Don't throw me away
I say
There's nowhere in this land
I'd rather be than in your hand
Let me show you how to play

My heart can't take it
My head, don't you break it
How long must I say it
I'm wild
Track Name: Happy Days
(A E)

Trouble is a bubble and it's about it pop
All our crying days are gonna come come to a stop
When happy days are here again
Hurry all your worries will be leaving you soon
Fly on the horizon like a hot air balloon
When happy days are here again

(D A Bm E7)
I believe in another way, I believe in a happy day
Track Name: One Way Street
(F Bb)

Life is a one way street
And you never never never know who you're gonna meet
Life is one one way street
You can sit and watch or you can move your feet
Join the progression
Find an obsession
Or just go with the flow

Salmon in the stream
Don't care what you dream
We go where we choose
Nothing left to lose
Track Name: Not So Easy

Let me know how you want to be
I can do all for you all that you've done for me
Let me know if you like what you see
I'm still figuring out that it's not so easy

One, two, what can you do?
If you close your eyes, you'll be surprised
And a three, four, tell me some more
If you open your eyes I will open my eyes
Track Name: Dream Boat
(C F C)

When my dream boat comes in I'm sailing away
I won't be back again for yesterday
We'll set the sails not caring where we're going
If the winds get too rough we'll sail it back home

(C G C)
Where I'm going the boys want to be like me
Where I'm going the girls want to see me free
(C F)
Where I'm going I've got plenty of time
(F G G G G)
Plenty of time to make up my mind
Track Name: Spaulding
(C, Am)